Ganapati Temple

This is one of the most beautiful Ganesha temple and greatest attraction in Sangli and draws hundreds of devotees every day. This place is the most important religious place in Sangli. A great temple of Lord Ganesha. Very neat and clean. Divine experience. Must visit place. It has a huge and massive gate of red sand-stone, recently constructed, leads into the spacious courtyard planted with coconut palms and very many other trees and plants, in the midst of which stands the sacred temple of Ganapati. From the threshold of the gate one can have a complete view of the inside of the temple. It is a very well maintained Lord Ganesh temple. It is spread over a huge campus with other temples. Overall a decent and nice temple. The temple would have been a very beautiful place in it's glorious day's. There are still some lamp shades, wooden furniture and other item's from that era which makes it feel very classy. It was built by the Patwardhan's who belong to the Royal family of Sangli. The structure is still very well maintained and is worth a visit if you are in Sangli. This temple is clean and very well maintained. Must Visit if you are in Sangli...

Sangli Fort

This is a land based fort unlike the hill/mountain top fort. It has a water filled moat surrounding it. On righthand side are the court buildings, a tall grand structure, with big columns in the front, covering verandahs. Inside, the proper kings Durbar is in building which had two guns guarding it. The Ganapati festival is hels here annually. Behind this Durbar Hall id H.H.R.C.P.Highschool in two parts, Shilekhana Chowk and Paga Chowk. In my time Shilekhan Chowk was a co-ed school where as Paga was a a male student school. There was a B.T College in the Paga Chowk in 1970s. From the school windows a vew of Jubilee Power House, its cooling fountans and continious flow of water was sees. After the Power House moat continued, and towards the Khanbhag side was Animal Husbandry Offic which had an artificial seminar center for animals. Next to the road leading out of fort was Risala or Police-line, wherein the Sangli Police personnel lived. The moat had crocodiles in it at earlier time, but most of moat was recovered to form Pratap Udhyan and inside fort housing plots of land. At the Na Bhag exit, there were again Police Residences upto old Narow Gauge Sangle Railway station. Nowadays HHRCP Highschool has reversed the role of Paga Chowk and Shilekhana Chowk. There are Colleges there.. .

Krishna River

Krishna river is the lifeline of Sangli city and various villages located around it. At the time of British Govt. - Ayarvin Bridge was constructed on the river. Well developed and constructed Tempels and Ghats attract peoples. This river is very dirty. The water is turbid. The waste water from factories and sewage gets mixed with th river water. Thats why this river smells really bad. This the source of water for agriculture and donestic use. Very Old Bridge.... The Only Road Connection of OLD Sangli... Built by Lord Irwin...and for this Bridge called as IRWIN Bridge..

Irwin Bridge

This bridge is built by Britishers. It is indeed historical. Heavy vehicles however are not allowed on the bridge. There is a lighting in the evening. So do visit during the sun set time. The Irwin bridge built by the british still stands strong. Today also this is the main approach of Sangli city. Its very old bridge built by British. Its named in honor of British officer irwin. This bridge connects to the road to islampur from sangli. You can get the view of krishna river from this bridge. Only Bridge to connect Sangli to PUNE Mumbai... Very Old.. Completed 125 Years and still functioning... This bridge was built during british rule and is one of the most iconic place of sangli. The marvelous structure is built with red rock. This bridge is use till date but due to increased traffic, an alternate bridge has come up on the north side of this bridge. It gives excellent view of the Krishna river during the monsoon when the river is flooded and also been used by spectators for viewing the visargan of ganesh idols during the ganesh festival. Great piece of civil work by Britishers! This is one of the oldest, historic and largest bridges over the Krishna that were built by the British. The Irwin Bridge, which is built of red colored stone, has two passages where one can climb down to the river in the middle of its span to view the Krishna river.

Sangmeshwar Temple

This temple is clean and located at the banks of Krishna river. The believers will definitely feel spiritual. The temple is near Krishna river in Sangli. It is a relious place for Hindus. The temple was full of pilgrims comming from Karnataka and Maharastra. We offered prayers to Lord Shiva. There are several shops to sell fruits and prasad. The priest was very knowlegeable. Great Views of Krishna River.. confluence of Krishna & Warana River.. Great Location... Most of the Regional Marathi Films take shots of the Temple..This place is in Haripur village, just 4 Km away from Sangli ST(Bus) stand. This is lord Shiva's temple. Temple is at intersection (Sangam) of Krishna and Vaarna river. Hence Sangameshwar is the name given to lord Shiva. While going to this place or while coming back to Sangli Bus stand, there is a beautiful Ganesh temple on the way, which you can visit. Parking space is available for 2/4 wheeler outside. Just before entering the Sangameshwar temple main gate, there is a small temple of Vishnu on the left side. Before entering you can take Pooja Sahitya for main Shiva's temple and Lord Shani and Lord Hanuman temples which are inside. In the main temple it has very beautiful Shivalingam. Around the temple while doing Pradakshina, there are small temples of "Lord Narasimha", Lord Dattatreya, Lord Kalbhairav, Sant Dnyaneshwar, Vitthal Rukmini Temple, Hanuman Temple and Shani Temple. Plan to visit in the evening after 5PM, it will be very peacefull experience. At the backside of the temple, there is intersection of Krushna and Warna rivers. You can go there from the right side gate of the temple. There is small temple of 'Krushnaamaee' (Krushna river referred as Mother). You can take ride in country boat used to transfer people across the river at very minor charges. Really peaceful and divine experience.

Dandoba Hills

Dandoba also known as Dandakaranya is placed nearest to Miraj-Pandharpur highway in Miraj tahasil & sangli district... It is the highest point in that area... there is temple of Lord Mahadeva... This point is taken under development for tourism, by Government of Maharashtra ... The way for this place : Miraj-20km-Bhose-5km- Dandoba ... Dandoba hills forest preserve is located near Sangli. Best time to visit is monsoon when everything turns lush green. An ancient Lord Shiva temple is located at Dandoba hills. Huge forest area is available around the hills and it also preserved by local peoples. Many small forest animals also find in that area.The Dandoba Hill Forest Preserve can be reached with a 25 minute drive from Sangli. This forest preserve is rich in flora and fauna and also has a few historically significant ancient temples in its hills. The hills of this preserve are a popular location for trekking and long hikes. There is also an annual mini-marathon race held at Dandoba Hill Station, which is quite a popular event. Close to national highway NH 204, this is perfect spot for adventures and spotting rare species of vegetation. Ideal for groups who want to plant trees and preserve them

Miraj Dargah

About Dargah Of Miraj The Dargah of Miraj in Sangli is a historical place with a profound and unique culture which has come to be identified for its famous and peculiar classical music and the manufacturing of musical instruments, which has ultimately attracted several music lovers from all over India to this Dargah. The history of the Dargah goes back to almost 500 years. The Dargah is also called as the Khaja Meersaheb Dargah and is known for its secularism as people from all faiths and religions visit this Dargah. This religious site in Sangli is definitely worth a visit among other attractions in Sangli. Every year, a music festival is held and reformed musicians and singers perform here.

SFC Mega Mall

SFC is suited at the centre of Sangli city... SFC is the only mega mall at the sangli city which having Electronics, Branded clothing to economic class... Showrooms of many brand's at one place... Three screens at one theater ... Golden Jim ... pure veg hotel Naivadya... Children's zone... couples zone... Tanishq Gold... CCD... With full space of parking...Unfortunate city to have only one mall. Good ambience, good parking space, amazing Mukta Theater, CCD for hang out,not very promising food joint, brand stores keep on changing, Tanishq is amazing, small belge shop worth trying , reliance digital and trends are decent..overall good time spend. Though it's only mall in Sangli so not an issue if named megaa after name. But a good place for shopping and arcade games.. Multiplex is even descent compared to rest in the city.

Chandoli National Park

Chandoli National Park is natural World Heritage Site and 317.67 km2 (122.65 sq mi) National Park spread overSatara, Kolhapur and Sangli District, Maharashtra state, India, established in May 2004.Earlier it was a Wildlife Sanctuary declared in 1985.The 741.22 km2 (286.19 sq mi) Sahyadri Tiger Reserve, including all of Chandoli National Park and Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary was declared by The National Tiger Conservation Authority as a Project Tiger tiger reserve on May 21, 2007. The Sahyadri Tiger Reserve was then estimated to have nine tigers and 66 leopards.The historical places of the park include the 17th century Shivaji's Forts, Prachitgad and Bhairavgad, of the Maratha kings Shivaji and his son Sambhaji. Ruins of the Bhavani temples palatial buildings in Prachitigad and Kalavantin vihir depict the ancient glory of the Maratha Empire. Most of the protected area was used an open jail for the "prisoners of war" of the early Imperial Maratha Conquests during Shivaji's rule. Sambhaji used Prachitgad as an observation point and recreational place.The park spreads along the crest of the Sahyadri Range of the northern Western Ghats. It forms and protects many perennial water channels, water holes and the Vasant Sagar Reservoir. Elevation of the park ranges from 589–1,044 m (1,932–3,425 ft).

Miraj Junction

Miraj Junction is a Railway Junction station in the city of Miraj, India. The Pune – Yeshwantpur railway line passes through Miraj where it meets the short Miraj – Kolhapur line. The Miraj Latur section of the Dadar Solapur main line starts at Miraj and passes through towns such as Pandharpur, Kurduvadi, Barshi and Osmanabad before reaching Latur. By 2008, the entire Miraj Latur line was converted from narrow gauge to broad gauge linking Miraj with Solapur and beyond. Due to the draught the Latur city faced since three consecutive years, the summer of 2016 presented itself with extreme scarcity of water. To overcome this issue, a joint project was then requested by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu and Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. After further research, and many changes in plan, Miraj was chosen to transport water to Latur from 342 km.The "Jaldoot" train made its first experimental run on 11 April 2016, carrying 10 tanker wagons, each filled with 50,000 litres of water.

Walchand College

Walchand College of Engineering is an autonomous engineering education institute in the city of Sangli, Maharashtra, India. The WCE campus is situated on nearly 90 acres of land in Vishrambag, roughly midway between the twin cities of Sangli and Miraj. The college was established in 1947 by the Hon. (Late) Dhondumama Sathe and began with an undergraduate course in Civil Engineering with a capacity of 60 students. It was affiliated with Bombay University in 1947. After Pune University was set up in 1948, the college became affiliated with Pune University. In 1955, the college was renamed after Walchand Hirachand, an industrialist. Since the establishment of Shivaji University, at Kolhapur in 1962, Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli has been affiliated with Shivaji University. Since 2007, it has been an autonomous college offering the B.Tech. degree (vs the B.E degree) along with Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai (VJTI), College of Engineering, Pune (CoEP), Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology (SGGS) and Sardar Patel College of Engineering (SPCE)[2] in Maharashtra with 'financial and academic autonomy.

Wanless Hospital Miraj

Wanless Hospital, Miraj Medical center (WHMMC) is a century old missionary, charitable hospital situated in Miraj India, providing secondary and tertiary health care well as running an effective extended Community Health Care Miraj Medical Centre's aims and objectives include provision of medical services on a charitable basis in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ. This pioneer medical institution had very humble beginnings more than 100 years ago. During the 19th Century, a young Canadian missionary doctor named William Wanless with his wife Mary, descended on the shores of India. This young couple arrived to the Western India Mission at Sangli, Maharashtra in November 1891 to make their home and serve the masses here in the Sangli-Miraj area. With a vision in his mind and 40 cents in his pocket as a donation, he selected the rustic town of Miraj for the mission hospital. It started in a small rented place in the busy bazaar as a one-room dispensary in 1891, assisted by Mrs. Wanless, a trained nurse. With the help of the Rajah of Miraj, land was acquired for a hospital. The Medical Mission took roots and this was the beginning of the Mission Hospital which over the past 100 years has grown into an institution consisting of a 550-bed teaching hospital affiliated with the Government Medical College, a College of Nursing, an Institute of Pharmacy and various paramedical programmes.